How to Benchmark Alternative SQL Queries to Find the Fastest Query (Java, SQL and jOOQ.)
Tuning SQL isn’t always easy, and it takes a lot of practice to recognise how any given query can be optimised. One of the most important slides of my SQL training is the one summarising "how to be fast"

Lukas Eder from JOOQL posts some code to benchmark SQL statement. Comes in flavours of PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL-Server. Handy.

No more DEBUG/INFO/WARN/ERROR logging (The Practical Dev)
Choosing the correct log level shouldn't be a chore

Dan Lebrero has a nice idea: change vague error logging methods like “debug”, “warn”, “error” into something meaningful, i.e. what will be the effect off invoking them: “toInvestigateTomorrow” and “wakeMeInTheMiddleOfTheNight”. 🙂